Joseph Henry - Fair Housing Instructor

Joseph Henry

Mr. Henry works for Professional Compliance Solutions and has been involved in Affordable Housing for over 30 years. Beginning his career in Property Management in 1986, Joe brings a unique perspective on all aspects of “what we do” and “why we do it”. Serving over the years as a Maintenance Supervisor, Regional Manager, Director of Operations, and Senior Trainer, Joe understands the daily grind and the real life way our jobs affect other people. Along with his Degree in Psychology, Joe is a CPM, certified HCCP professional, and holds various other certifications in the Affordable Housing industry. Joe has been married for 33 years and has three sons and enjoys hunting, fishing, and shopping when told to.

Fair Housing - Yesterday, Today, Today and Tomorrow

Wednesday, April 11 at 2pm

The purpose of this training is to provide information for all people in the Affordable Housing Industry to successfully manage in a manner that not only protects your company, your property, and yourself, but also makes it clear that not only is Fair Housing the law, but also the "right thing to do".