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Host a Poster Contest

Help your residents win a $250 gift card

14 winners will receive a $250 gift card, their wining poster framed and recognition for winning their age group. An additional $250 will be given to the People’s Choice award winner. The winning posters will be featured in the 2018 ACTS Calendar.

Qualifications and Instructions

  1. Participants must be a Pre-K through 12th grade RESIDENT of a member of Southwest Affordable Housing Group (SWAHG) or Apartment Association of New Mexico (AANM).
  2. Submit a 14” x 22” (which is half poster size, NO OTHER SIZE) poster with the Data Sheet attached to the back of the poster.
  3. All posters must contain the words “Who Is My Hero” which is the poster contest theme.
  4. Judges will be judging on creativity, color, originality, artistic ability and how the theme is represented.
  5. You must mail or deliver poster by June 30, 2017 to the address below:

Apartment Conference and Trade Show
c/o Monarch Properties, Inc., Attn: Chris Stanley
1720 Louisiana Blvd NE, Suite 402, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110

Direct any questions regarding the qualifications or instructions to Chris Stanley: (505) 260-4800 x102 or email
Chris Stanley.

Encourage Participation from your Residents

  1. Host a Pizza/Poster Party or Ice Cream Sundae/Poster Party 
  2. Reserve space in your community room
  3. Encourage Pre-K through 12th Grade Residents to participate sign-up sheet here
  4. Send out a flyer to all residents to inform them about the Poster Contest you can use this example
  5. Purchase poster board (cut to 14” x 22” only), paint, markers, Crayons, colored paper, glue, scissors, etc. Remember we need the posters to be COLORFUL.
  6. Insure the theme “WHO IS MY HERO” is referenced on the poster.
  7. Order a few pizzas or Sundae fixings (don’t be afraid to ask for donations)
  8. Remember, if you are a subsidized property, the costs for this party are an allowable property expense.
  9. Take lots of photos and forward with your posters or e-mail to Chris Stanley.
  10. Remember, YOU can win a BONUS too. The property staff of the People’s Choice Award winner will also receive a $250 gift card.
  11. Collect all your posters, insure the DATA SHEET is completed and taped to the back for each poster, and submit to arrive by July 18th.
  12. Suggested: Provide a completed participation certificate and $5.00 McDonalds/Sonic or local “youth friendly” gift card to each participant.

Download all poster contest information here.

Poster Contest Committee

Chris Stanley
Chris Stanley
Executive Assistant Monarch Properties Inc (505)938-1442
Debbie Davis
Debbie Davis
Reporting Specialist MFA (505)767-2221
Debbie Olguin
Debbie Olguin
HCCP, HCM-H, HCM-R, COS Asset Manager JL Gray Company Inc
Cindy Jackson
Cindy Jackson
MFH Loan Coordinator & USDA Rural Development USDA RD